WASHINGTON -- Senators gave final congressional approval Thursday to a bill barring imports from China ’s Xinjiang region unless businesses can prove they were produced without forced labor. China has three "magic weapons" to shield itself from any potential financial sanctions by the US, namely that capital flows into and out of China are highly restricted, that foreign ownership. The United States imposed a series of sanctions on China in 2020 over human rights concerns. The US imposed visa restrictions and sanctions on Chinese officials and businesses, citing repression ....

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ZURICH (Reuters) - The head of the Swiss agency that implements economic sanctions expects the neutral country to adopt any punitive measures the European Union. May 11, 2022 · Edward Fishman, former adviser to the US Department of State on economic sanctions, believes sanctions against China would be more limited, and focus on “frontier technologies” and “next-generation infrastructure,” instead of generalized economic disruption. Were Washington to explicitly threaten sanctions as a deterrent against a ....

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Sanctions against china

Sanctions against china

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